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Better Impressions dedication to the Idea of curbing inner city violence never sleeps. Creating jobs, educating the youth on the devastating impact of crime, and violence, and most importantly saving lives goes hand in hand with empowering the unseen often overlooked and forgotten positive talent across major devastated urban areas plagued by gun, drug, poverty, and gang violence.

The positive opportunities that will be generated with Better Impressions paving the road as a symbol of non-violence, positivity, peace and production, has no boundaries.

Email us directly for more information so the bright future of your company can integrate with BETTER IMPRESSIONS very successful and growing in popularity stop the violence concepts started in 2010 that has seen tremendous support in dozens of cities, and states across America. .


Struggling to market and advertise your products? With Better Impressions vast national reach of Tens of Thousands of individual contacts per year and our solid internet footprint and dominating social media presence makes us the choice solution to handle all your marketing needs.

Get exposure on a broad level for low advertising costs. Integrate your advertising with our stop the violence concept. 


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E-Commerce & Marketplace Solutions

Better Impressions America
E-Commerce & Marketplace Solutions
Harnessing the power of the internet and social media, buying and/or selling online has never been easier, or looked better. We utilize the most modern and up to date technology to design and enhance your footprint in the online retailing arena, mobile commerce, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, inventory management , and data collection.  We also specialize in design of your web site for retail sales, and online shopping for direct delivery to your customers. Gathering and using demographic data through web contacts and social media marketing to prospective and established customers by e-mail or newsletters. Pretail services for launching new products. Providing unrivaled solutions for all your E-Commerce, and online marketplaces needs.
Marketplace Solutions

Innovative Product Photography & Showcasing Development Services

Innovative Design Creation

 Better Impressions America Design Creation will enhance your current brand, theme, and products with exceptional quality. Whether your looking to rebrand, or reinvent your current products, our original talent and creativity will meet your needs.

Innovative Design Creation

Innovative Product Photography

 Better Impressions America Product Photography branch delivers our supporters unrivaled commercial photography surpassing industry norms, accurately and attractively representing your products and your brand. application of our finished products can be used in your product brochures, utilizing the positive power of our stop the violence concept to completely revitalize all your advertising interests.

Innovative Product Photography

Innovative Showcase Development Photography

Better Impressions America Showcase Development photography uses the latest and most advanced video editors, and digital image enhancers to visually market your brand and products.

Innovative Showcase Development Photography

positive music movement

Support local positive music groups in your community and re-energize your business, putting all your direct advertising needs on autopilot.

Strengthen the community, curb street violence, and create job opportunities.  Most importantly boost self esteem and confidence in talented artists who make the music we love to listen to.