African American male incarceration %

1 out of 3 black males in America will spend time in prison. This is something that really needs an adjustment. 

My theory is that positive job creation for at risk young men and women from high crime, and low income environments can actually have a significant impact on reducing and curbing inner city violence. 

To take these young adults out of loosing communities, putting them back into a class type setting, as well as a positive environment. Then teaching the critical communication and self presentation skills that are the main principals used by successful businesses and owners. Teaching positive mental attitudes, boosting self esteem, keeping a positive attitude, setting positive goals for the future, and providing a solid foundation to become independently successful. 

In my experience over the years very few have challenged the fact that these goals are not only worth while, but essential to success. In fact a majority of Better Impressions supporters have admitted to using these same tools to start out at the bottom and accelerate themselves to a higher position in their careers and personal life.

Our stop the violence concept does not contain ANY attempts or suggestions that more people get imprisoned. We separate ourselves from popular platforms like "community watch", or "Block watch" etc. Even though these types of organizations help to monitor and prevent crimes in their neighborhoods, the end result is primarily seeing that people get incarcerated. Better Impressions is working to curb violence through "job creation"

It is well known that high crime inner city environments hold very remote possibilities for anything positive whether it be jobs, or positive role models, which consist of positive role models being drug dealers, rappers, and athletes. Hanging out in groups in front of liquor stores, or on a street corner, hats twisted a million ways, a pistol in one pocket, and another pocket full of illegal narcotics is a way many create their own opportunity that leads them absolutely NOWHERE in life, and also destroys the lives of so many in the community.

To just take a small handful of young adults out of these environments and give them a way to start fresh, teach them the skills that bring positive success, and a way to make legitimate, honest money with no salary cap in my opinion is a significant solution. You really are who you hang around. A domino effect will follow. A small group troubled or at-risk young adults that once was a liability, can make 180 turn and become a real positive role model to others, and consequently transform into a whole community of assets to society.

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    Freddie (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 11:24)

    I am totally all in for your concept. It's the ONLY way and I'm backing your act!!!

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    Santiago Green (Thursday, 15 December 2016 08:11)

    Thank you for your support and guidance thru the years!! Thank you for also supporting Better Impressions Innovative Stop The Violence Phenomenon!!!!