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The Better Impressions Stop


The Violence Core Concept


and Principles

"BETTER IMPRESSIONS" is dedicated to spreading the idea and concept of working on stopping the violence in the top 10 most violent states: Maryland, Arkansas, Delaware, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Nevada, and Alaska.


Our "stop the violence" concept, starts with job opportunities for young adults from loosing communities. Most importantly we are working to show young adults thru positive living, that drug and gang violence is just an opportunity to lead you nowhere in life. Our concept repeatedly proves that hard work, determination, and setting positive goals for the future creates unlimited opportunities to become independently successful in life.


At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love. Our goal and mission is to confront and overcome random acts of gun, drug and gang violence, as well as overcoming broken homes and poverty in our inner cities. At the same time our attire and items are helping us to continue  program giving at risk young adults off the inner-city streets positive job opportunities and legitimate honest pay.


In essence our product is more young adults off the inner city streets, working to become part of the solution, not the problem. The return on our supporters investment into the lives of those who choose to work for a chance instead of taking chances is positive role models in our inner cities. Most importantly we thank you all for your support in helping us on our journey of transitioning from a negative aspect to a positive outlook.


Proceeds we receive from stop the violence products and services are used to promote and boost our online presence, spreading online awareness of inner city violence and crime, as well as to help Better Impressions to create positive job opportunities for young adults generally impacted by residing in these environments.


Support provides for low cost advertising incentives for inner city small businesses who collaborate with our positive music movement, pays for traveling expenses for our team members and organization, while doing outreach work in the field (door to door, business to business, and person to person). And finally used to purchase dress shirts, ties, casual pants and blouses to ensure we provide our team members a presentable, above average Better Impression in the communities.


We thank you in advance for your support.