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Innovative Stop The Violence Concepts

"Better impressions" is dedicated to spreading the idea and concept of working on stopping the violence in the top 10 most violent states: Maryland, Arkansas, Delaware, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Nevada, and Alaska.


At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love. The top priority at Better Impressions, and our goal is to confront and overcome random acts of gun, drug and gang violence. Our passionate efforts in overcoming broken homes and poverty are driven by our mission of taking interest in the future of our youth, Better Impressions "stop the violence" concept starts with job opportunities for individuals from all walks of life.


Thru positive living, and repeatedly proving that hard work, determination, and setting positive goals for the future creates unlimited opportunities in life. We Empower individuals by giving them the tools needed for independent success, and provide them the motivation to continue working reaching higher and higher up the ladder of success. Finding ways to allow everyone the opportunity to participate in our stop the violence concept, and be part of the miracle sweeping America is important.


Looking for not just the sole interest in our “physical” products, but instead striving to provide everyone the chance to take interest in creating jobs, and saving lives is our product. The investment is seeing more individuals working to become part of the solution, not the problem. Better Impressions sells the "concept, and Idea", of individuals working for a chance instead of taking chances. The educational reading materials, and stop the violence items and products is our way of saying "thank you" to our supporters.


In return we create positive role models in environments where they are nearly nonexistent. Curbing the violence in the local community, and most importantly allowing hard working individuals the work credit points needed for advancement not only in life, and social promotions within our organization but accomplishments on their journey towards independent success sums up our stop the violence concept.


We thank all those across America and the world for your support on our journey from a negative aspect to a positive outlook.

The Miracle Continues.......

What Is Better Impressions

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